How-To Guide

Creating a personalized Monvie storybook is easy and only takes a few clicks! Let us run you through the process so that you are well informed of how the book will be made and delivered to your doorstep. 

The entire process will take about 8~12 business days according to the shipping method selected. 

 Time taken for you to upload photos: 
- Depends on you :)

 Time taken for us to make your book: 
- 3 business days

 Time taken for you to check preview: 
- Depends on you :)

 Time taken for printing and delivery: 
- 5~9 business days

*Note that there is NO expiry date on when you have to upload the photo or check the preview by

Now, shall we learn about the detailed process?😁

Select your book on our website and complete the payment.

Upon payment, you will receive an email with a link that leads you to your personal dashboard. This is where you can submit the required information and upload the necessary photos. The email also includes a detailed guide on how you can share this information. Don’t worry! This will only take a matter of minutes.

Once all the necessary information is submitted in the previous step, you will get another email that shows a preview of your book. This preview is shared with you so that you can see how the photos you submitted have been added into the book. Just a little treat before the actual book arrives at your doorstep!

Make sure you click the 'confirm' button so that your book gets handed over to our print house for printing.

While further modifications cannot be made to the book, if there is an issue that you would like to report, contact us at and we will address your concerns.

You can select from the following shipping methods.

- FEDEX: 1~2 business days
- UPS: 5~6 business days

*Note that the delivery fee will differ according to the method selected. You will be able to track the status of your delivery via a link that we will be sharing with you.